The Brokerage Real Estate Group Palm Springs, Inc.

The Brokerage Real Estate Group Palm Springs, Inc.The Brokerage Palm Springs - Bevelry Hills

Physical Address: 285 S Palm Canyon Drive, Suite D2, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Phone: 760-322-7822

Business Email: /

Map:  Palm Springs California Demographics Map


  1. Alexandrer says:

    Aloha,The Carnival of RE Investing link on blogroll to the right has been breokn for a couple of weeks. I think they might use a different URL. Love the blog!!

    • Macco says:

      Yup, that’ll do it. You have my appiercation.

    • Auth says:

      it was “tourist-y” and I said I didn’t care haha. Growing up in SoCal was the best and I LOVE going back to visit. We always go at least once a year, and deteiifnly more if the vacation timing is right! :) Even if you can just make a quick 4-day jaunt out of it, TOTALLY worth it!! xoxo

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